Additional Resources From My WordCamp US 2015 talk

I presented a talk at WordCamp US 2015 titled, “I Wanna Go Fast: Advanced Techniques to Optimize Front End Performance”. In this talk, I gave high level overviews of four simple techniques that we can implement in improve front end performance. When I present at a conference, I normally include code samples with my talk, but time did not permit me doing so with this talk. That’s the point of this post.

I’ve put together a series of blog posts, and links to additional resources, that will go into further detail about each of the techniques I discussed. Without further delay, here they are:

  1. Async JavaScript
  2. Prioritizing the Critical Rendering Path CSS
  3. Lazy Loading (Coming Soon)
  4. Prefetch, Preload, and Prerender (CSS-Tricks has a great article, so re-inventing the wheel seems useless)

You can also see my slides here:

If you have any questions or comments, ask in the comment section below.